Our Wine


2012 Stainless Steel Chardonnay
This stainless steel fermented chardonnay has a crisp, clean mouth feel with hints of Green Apple, Pear and Lemon. Served chilled.
2010 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
This wine was Barrel Fermented in new and once used French Oak barrels for 10 months. It has a rich buttery flavor.
2010 Viognier
Our 2010 stainless steel Viognier was harvest later than normal to get all the benefits of the autumn sun and cool nights. This has produced a nice crisp taste with fruit notes of apricot, lime and peach.
2008 Cabernet Franc
An aromatic medium bodied red with aromas of  cherry and oak.  Good acidity and a fruit finish make this a perfect match for Italian food.
2009 Chambourcin
(Double Gold and Best of Class winner, NC State Fair)
This 100% Chambourcin was aged in oak barrels for 18 months.  This aging process has given this dry wine silky tannins and a long finish, it has hints of black raspberry, blackberry and dark sugars.
2008 Merlot
This 100% Merlot has flavors of plums and cherries.  It displays a good balance between fruit and oak flavors.
2010 Meritage
This is a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot.  With almost two years in barrels it is a big red wine with great flavor and a wonderful finish.
 Crimson Sunset
This Merlot/Franc blend is fruit forward with aromas of plum, cherry, cedar, and rasberry. With 1% residual sugar, this wine is round in the mouth, and easy to drink.
This stainless steel white blend consists of Viognier, Traminette and Chardonel grapes.  It is light and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.
2012 Seyval Blanc
Slightly sweetened by its own unfermented grape juice. This wine is crisp and clean with highlights of Peach and Mango.
Fanciful Curvee Brut
Fanciful is our first ever Sparkling Wine.  This is from our 2009 Seyval Blanc.  It was made in the old world method which means the wine goes through a secondary formation in the bottle.  This is a much longer process but the little bubbles are worth the wait.
L’amour Doux
L’amour Doux is French for “Sweet Love”.  It is made from our late harvest Viognier.  This dessert wine has sweet concentrated flavors of honey and citrus, it has 13.2% alcohol and 15.6% residual sugar.  It is the perfect finish to a wonderful meal.
This strawberry wine is light and refreshing. With 11% alcohol and a sweet taste, it is the perfect summer wine any time of the year.
 Dark Shadow
Do you like red wine?  Do you like dark chocolate?  Well so do we.  That is why we combined these two into a blend we call Dark Shadow.  This wine is like drinking a dark chocolate covered cherry.
 Shadow-RitaThis is our Sunlight base wine with the addition of citrus juice, sweetness and brandy. This “Margarita” style wine is sold in a new 2 bottle 1.5 liter bag.